About DilOS

DilOS - it is illumos based platform with Debian package manager (dpkg+apt)

DilOS has MIT license.

DilOS will be focused on server side with virtualization like Xen (dilos-xen3.4-dom0 at this moment available), zones and tools for using in small business and home users(Example: as file server with torrent client with WEB GUI, apache + mysql/postgresql + php for development, DLNA media server for smart TV or mobile device with video and music hosting, etc).

You can use DilOS as base platform for your own distribution - you can create your own APT repo with DEB packages and create your own ISO.

You can install DilOS to the Virtual machine (such as: Xen, VMware, VBox, etc) or bare metal with text console and SSH access.

DilOS contain: dilos-userland + dilos-illumos-gate + converted binaries to DEB packages from OpenIndiana (oi-experimental).

dilos-userland - contain packages with gcc builds instead of some packages with SunStudio  builds. This userland contain fixes from userland-gate(Orcale) and contain additional packages ported from Debian upstream. Builds of packages focused on gcc builds.

dilos-illumos - based on illumos-gate with some modifications: updated build system for create DEB packages through build, updated BEADM for support all installed zones, integrated LIBM, removed dependencies from Python24 and use Python27 as default, Perl-516 as default, and others changes not included to illumos-gate.

At this moment not all packages have been built on DilOS for development environment.
Plans: to have all packages in dilos-userland with gcc build for userland and illumos development environment.

DilOS contain modified APT and DPKG tools for better works with zones and ZFS features.

You can install package from global zone to non-global zone by command:
# apt-get -R /zones/myzone/root install pkgname [pkg1 pkg2 pk3 ...]

where: /zones/myzone - it is path to your installed zone

Or the same by DPKG:
# dpkg -R /zones/myzone/root mypackage.deb

where: /zones/myzone - it is path to your installed zone

For upgrade system to new BE you can use:
# apt-get -R /a dist-upgrade

where: /a - it is mount point to new BE (Example: beadm mount newBE /a)

(step-by-step instruction: [How to upgrade DilOS from APT repo])

Or the same for upgrade non-global zone from global zone:
# apt-get -R /zones/myzone/root  dist-upgrade

where: /zones/myzone - it is path to your installed zone