What is DilOS?

Take a look (About DilOS)

Is it free?

Yes, it if free project with MIT license.

I couldn't found some packages, how can I got it?

DilOS provide development environment for userland packages and illumos-gate builds.

If you need additional package(s) you can:
  1. build package by yourself.
  2. ask someone on #dilos freenode IRC about package(s) without payment.
  3. ask someone on #dilos freenode IRC about package(s) with payment.
Payment will depend on how much package(s) need to build as dependency for final package.
With your payment you will help project.

Can I contribute? Is it community distr?

You can contribute and helps to DilOS!

What differences with illumian?

  • DilOS and illumian based on dpkg+apt, but DilOS have updates for apt and dpkg - for example: -R <dir> extension - more friendly with IPS pkg. 
  • As I know illumian is focusing on delivery the same binaries with OpenIndiana by dpkg+apt. DilOS is focusing on development environment with new components without GUI and works with zones DPKG & IPKG and others. 
  • DilOS have own ips2deb tool for build DEB packages based on IPS manifest. It is one tool is using for userland and illumos builds. As I know illumian have another tool - perhaps debmaker.

How to browse on APT repo by web browser ?

You can find all DEB packages in DilOS APT repo by URL:

You are Welcome with creation mirror of these packages!
Current APT repo contain packages for Intel and SPARC platforms.

How to use 'fork' and 'pull' for dilos-userland ?

dilos-userland is using bitbucket services for contributing process. Take a look instruction: 

How to subscribe to 'dilos-dev' maillist ?

You can subscribe to 'dilos-dev' mail list.