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We have 6 years with DilOS! :)

2.0.1 version has been released.

It is first Intel release has been done by one compiler - gcc-6.4.0

For upgrade to latest version you need to do:
apt update && apt install -y os-upgrade && os-upgrade -y

New version will be installed to new BE and you can reboot to new version.

Or you can download ISO/USB/PXE:

We use Debian technology.
We try to port Debian userland apps with original Debian configurations in files.
Unfortunataly, it is not possible for all components right now.
As result it will take more work on services (SMF).
Also needs to work on pre-/post- scripts for using under our ZFS boot environment specific and zones.

As Debian technology and ports of apps from Debian userland, we can use some packages for 'all' platforms as is.
Such as: for Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, NodeJS, etc.
They are packages in non-binary mode

This release has been moved to use GRUB1, becausse new loader from illumos tree has several issues with loads if some usb sticks presents/inserted to servers and it was failed with loads as bhyve VM.
It is possible to use loader, but need a prepare boot iso/usb images and fix installer to use loader.
it can be requested by email or on IRC: #dilos

About SPARC.
need a time try to prepare bootable ISO with all latest fixes and fix installer.
it wlil be available with all updates a little later.

We have ported many components from Debian userland as build dependencies, but have to work on services and configurations.
DilOS is Open Source platform and you are welcome with bug reports, feddbacks, updates and investments :)

If you need packages, what are not in DilOS yet, you have 2 options:
1. try to port your own packages and upstream to DilOS repo
2. request some list of packages with sponsorship.

we are open for proposals with setup, configurations and supports for different usercases.

best regards,
-DilOS team


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DilOS 2.0 beta1 has been released!

we have 5 years with DilOS! :)

It is first release with new scheme: move to use original Debian style packages and builds.

not at all fixed yet - it was big transition time - and still in progress.

what news with this and next releases:
- gcc 6.4.0 64bit as primary compiler for userland builds on Intel and SPARC
Intel: illumos build by gcc 5.x 64bit because we can see issues with dtrace + ctf in kernel side with gcc 6.x builds - have to investiagte or try to wait (maybe illumos community will fix it  :) )
SPARC: illumos build still with gcc 4,x because have to work on transitions of Sun AS -> GNU AS for sparc sources.
- more 64bits builds
- moved illumos tools to /system/bin/ and use original coreutils and GNU tools in primary place.
illumos tools have ACL support and if you need it - try to use tools from /system/bin/
with GNU tools in original PATH it helps with ports of Debian userland applications with autotools
- some illumos userland tools have been replaced to versions from Debian upstream: cron, exim4(instead of sendmail), etc
- LX zones: have been tested with CentOS and Ubuntu distibutions.
- possible to setup ipkg zones with OI(OpenIndiana) and smartos with pkgsrc.
- and many others updates

Right now we are using Debian stable release 9.x (Stretch) as mainstream.
The new system has been tested in different virtual environments such as kvm(+virtioblk +vioif), vmware(+vmxten3s +pvscsi +open-vm-tools), virtualbox and zones.

- continue to sync updates from illumos + illumos-joyent
- continue support SPARC builds
- to go forward with new scheme and try to move to use original userland builds (Debian style) as is - have to fix build dependencies and some build tools.
- ports/updates many userland apps
- try to look to Xen 4,x port (when all build dependencies will be ported)

Personally, i’m inetersted in server side, but if you are intereted in desktop - you are welcome with ports of userland apps for it or sponsors of others for it :)

You can try doanload and install DilOS 2.0 and provide your feedback (

Welcome to DilOS ! :)

- DilOS team


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We have DilOS birthday - 4 years! ;)

I want to say - Thanks a lot to ALL!

Who are helping to DilOS:
Argo Technologies SA by access to new hw and virtual env
Atlassian by OpenSources programm for hosting of tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket
Jet Brains by OpenSource programm for licenses to tools
Araxis LTD by OpenSource programm for licenses to tools
illumos Community by ideas/helps with debug
OpenZFS community by ideas/helps with debugty 
Guys, how are providing SPARCs for testung and build env

And ALL others who are not in this list, but donated by PayPal and invest time/ideas :)

What are plans?

Updates from illumos/OpenZFS/Joyent upstreams.
We have LX zones, but we still have no example how to install it.
Need helpers/testers here :)

Big jump has been started - move to Debian packages style names and complex userland env for better ports of packages from Debian upstream.

I’m working (very slow) on ports of Debian build tools with DilOS env specific - we need to be able install/updates tools on aonther root. for exmaple: in zones from global zone.
Also - we have SMF services and need to be able use it by install/updagrade packages.

transition to use GNU AWK instread of illumos nawk has beed started, but not finished.
DASH has been pushed to repo and need to work on services udpates.

need try to replaces illumos curses by ncurses - part of work done, but MDB has a lot of dependencies to curses and need time try to fix it.
Also have to identify others dependencies.

I hope, with Debian style userland (it is not the same as original Debian) - we can see new Debian users who can move from Linux :)

I have no plans to woerk on desktop env, but users, who wants it, can port X11 packages for it :)
I have plns to work on server side with updates, probably on new Xen 4.x ports, but more-more later, while we will be ablie to bulid more Debian userland packages by original Debian build env.

Welcome contributors :) (and sponsors :) )

DilOS now is working on Intel and SPARC.
new drops of ISO available at:

it still 1.3.7 version because more work on packages refuctoring with updates.

We have now:
gcc-4.8.5 - on Intel for all builds, on SPARC for userland. (on SPARC we still are using gcc44 for dilos-illumos builds )

switch to another version - will see.
i’m not ready to say - when we will try to do it, because more userland updates should be done before.

More plans :)
See you on FreeNode IRC #dilos and on maillist.


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Hello all :)

No news here long time, but it is not mean - project was stopped.
Work on DilOS is in progress.

More news:
- started transition from old userland HG repo to new GIT repo with new DEB packages build structure
- is in progress work on SPARC - dilos-illumos and userland packages are updating and testing on both SPARC and Intel platforms
- you can find new ISO images with '-net-' info in name - it's network install image - you can install DilOS over internet or local APT mirror. you can find instruction based on SPARC: . root Password is '123'
- illumos kernel and modules building now only 64bit
- LX zone ported from Joyent tree and working with manual updates (if you are interest how to configure it - ping me by email/IRC)
- more updates from illumos
- more others updates

It is not easy to work on project by free time - but i'll continue to work on it :)

Have to do more work for release 1.3.8 - work still in progress.

if you want to help - you are welcome by contribution and/or donate.


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DilOS 1.3.7 has been released.

You can download DilOS ISO and USB at:

gcc 4.8.3 64bit as default for dilos-illumos and userland builds.

dilos-illumos has been moved to GIT from Mecrurial.

You can use vmxnet3s + pvscsi drivers on VMware ESXi - I have tested on 5.5 version as well.

You are welcome to FreeNode IRC #dilos with questions.


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DilOS 1.3.6 has been released

You can download DilOS ISO and USB images at:

From this release you can install from USB stick.

More updates - you can find list of changes here: 

How to upgrade your DilOS to new BE you can find here: [How to upgrade DilOS]

Some updates for mpt_sas from
From this release gcc-4.8.2 is using as default for dilos-illumos-gate and dilos-useralnd-review builds.


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First step of Xen-4.3 port: let me introduce dilos-xen-4.3-dom0 DEBUG iSO :)

You can install it to your VM like VMware or Vbox, but for me on VM it is working only with PV guests.
With DEBUG build you will see more debug messages in console and logs - it is OK :)

How to play with it.

- download ISO
- record it to CD and install to bare metal (or VM)
- create new BE and boot to it (you can use original for boot if you have issues with new BE)
    beadm create xen43
    beadm activate xen43
- enable Xen-4.3
    svcadm enable milestone/xvm

After these steps you will be able to login to dom0

Have to update /etc/apt/sources.list file by additional rule for install additional packages if needed.
Example :


deb xen-testing main contrib non-free
deb dilos-testing main contrib non-free

you can use info on wiki for install PV guests : 

At this moment I have tested only PV guests, because I have used VMware guest with dilos-xen-4.3-dom0 configured and HVM had issue:
    ERROR    Host does not support virtualization type 'hvm' 

if you want to help with Xen ports to DilOS - please subscribe to dilos-dev@ mail list and you are welcome to FreeNode IRC: #dilos


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DilOS 1.3.5 has been released.
You can download DilOS at:

More updates - you can find list of changes here: 

How to upgrade your DilOS to new BE you can find here: [How to upgrade DilOS]

python-27 as default from this release.

Xen packages have been updated for using of python-27.


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DilOS 1.3.4 has been released.
You can download it at:

More updates - you can find list of changes here: 

How to upgrade your DilOS new BE you can find here: [How to upgrade DilOS]

We have new mirror (thanks to Mike):


From this release we will use gcc47(with patches) for dilos-illumos-gate and dilos-userland builds.

You can install and try to use Xen-3.4.

Xen PV guests have been tested with:
- Debian wheeze 64bit
- CentOS 6.4 64bit
- DilOS 64bit
- OI 64bit

Windows 2008R2 64bit work well as HVM guest.

all work well with pygrub from the box.

you can find info how to install dilos-xen-dom0 and examples for PV/HVM guests here:

Many thanks to Rushikesh Jadhav from ESDS Group for his contribution with build env and tests of Xen on DilOS and all others.


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DilOS 1.3.3 have been released.
You can download it at:

How to upgrade your DilOS new BE you can find here: [How to upgrade DilOS]

You can install and use VirtualBox by instruction [How to install VirtualBox]

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