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posted Sep 18, 2012, 11:22 AM by site 2   [ updated Sep 18, 2012, 11:33 AM ]
New release DilOS 1.1a2 have been published.
You can download it at: [Download]

DilOS DEB packages updates have been moved from 'du-unstable' & 'dg-unstable' to 'dilos-unstable' & 'dilos-testing'
You be able to upgrade your system based on dilos_1.1a1.iso by new packages by instruction: How to upgrade DilOS from APT repo

NOTE: I have ported old Sun packages for xen-3.4.2 and update it to xen-3.4.4
You can install and use XEN-3.4.4!
for this you need to install : apt-get install xvm
and you need enable service: svcadm enable milestone/xvm

I have tested it with CentOS 5.8 installation by:
virt-install --debug --paravirt --name COS58-64-1 --ram 512 --network bridge=e1000g0  --disk path=/dev/zvol/dsk/data/xvms/vm1,driver=phy --location --nographics

or you can compare this file between tags: dilos_1.1a1 & dilos_1.1a2