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posted Nov 16, 2012, 7:02 AM by site 2   [ updated Nov 16, 2012, 7:11 AM ]
DilOS 1.1a3 have been released.
You can download it at:

You can upgrade your 1.1a2 version by instruction: How to upgrade platform from APT repo
You can use repo 'dilos-testing' for upgrade.

Major changes:

- split system-library-gcc-44-runtime to:

  • gcc-44-libgcc
  • gcc-44-libstdcpp
  • gcc-44-libgfortran
  • gcc-44-libgomp
  • gcc-44-libobjc
  • gcc-44-libssp

and produced full rebuild for dilos-illumos-gate & dilos-userland packages

- dilos-userland-gate contain latest illumos-gate updates

- added virtualbox-4.2.2 with gcc44 build - instruction 'How to install and configure virtualbox to DilOS' will be later.

Now you can install package by command:

$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox

You also have to install 'xterm' & 'xauth' to DilOS and have X11 server installed on your local host.

- split dilos-userland & dilos-illumos-gate packages to <original name> + <original name>-dev

*-dev packages contain header files and additional files/changes for development

for this operation is  using facet.devel from IPS manifests

- updated dpkg+apt tools to 64bit binaries and will be using on 64bit systems.

- have updates from userland-gate

Now we have Atlassian OnDemand services (thanks a lot to Atlassian !) :
And some others.

OnDemand services are available at:

If you want login on OnDemand services - please let me know by info from ''

Also thanks to Joyent for maillist!