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posted Feb 3, 2014, 10:42 AM by site 2
First step of Xen-4.3 port: let me introduce dilos-xen-4.3-dom0 DEBUG iSO :)

You can install it to your VM like VMware or Vbox, but for me on VM it is working only with PV guests.
With DEBUG build you will see more debug messages in console and logs - it is OK :)

How to play with it.

- download ISO
- record it to CD and install to bare metal (or VM)
- create new BE and boot to it (you can use original for boot if you have issues with new BE)
    beadm create xen43
    beadm activate xen43
- enable Xen-4.3
    svcadm enable milestone/xvm

After these steps you will be able to login to dom0

Have to update /etc/apt/sources.list file by additional rule for install additional packages if needed.
Example :


deb xen-testing main contrib non-free
deb dilos-testing main contrib non-free

you can use info on wiki for install PV guests : 

At this moment I have tested only PV guests, because I have used VMware guest with dilos-xen-4.3-dom0 configured and HVM had issue:
    ERROR    Host does not support virtualization type 'hvm' 

if you want to help with Xen ports to DilOS - please subscribe to dilos-dev@ mail list and you are welcome to FreeNode IRC: #dilos