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posted Nov 13, 2017, 10:21 AM by site 2
DilOS 2.0 beta1 has been released!

we have 5 years with DilOS! :)

It is first release with new scheme: move to use original Debian style packages and builds.

not at all fixed yet - it was big transition time - and still in progress.

what news with this and next releases:
- gcc 6.4.0 64bit as primary compiler for userland builds on Intel and SPARC
Intel: illumos build by gcc 5.x 64bit because we can see issues with dtrace + ctf in kernel side with gcc 6.x builds - have to investiagte or try to wait (maybe illumos community will fix it  :) )
SPARC: illumos build still with gcc 4,x because have to work on transitions of Sun AS -> GNU AS for sparc sources.
- more 64bits builds
- moved illumos tools to /system/bin/ and use original coreutils and GNU tools in primary place.
illumos tools have ACL support and if you need it - try to use tools from /system/bin/
with GNU tools in original PATH it helps with ports of Debian userland applications with autotools
- some illumos userland tools have been replaced to versions from Debian upstream: cron, exim4(instead of sendmail), etc
- LX zones: have been tested with CentOS and Ubuntu distibutions.
- possible to setup ipkg zones with OI(OpenIndiana) and smartos with pkgsrc.
- and many others updates

Right now we are using Debian stable release 9.x (Stretch) as mainstream.
The new system has been tested in different virtual environments such as kvm(+virtioblk +vioif), vmware(+vmxten3s +pvscsi +open-vm-tools), virtualbox and zones.

- continue to sync updates from illumos + illumos-joyent
- continue support SPARC builds
- to go forward with new scheme and try to move to use original userland builds (Debian style) as is - have to fix build dependencies and some build tools.
- ports/updates many userland apps
- try to look to Xen 4,x port (when all build dependencies will be ported)

Personally, i’m inetersted in server side, but if you are intereted in desktop - you are welcome with ports of userland apps for it or sponsors of others for it :)

You can try doanload and install DilOS 2.0 and provide your feedback (

Welcome to DilOS ! :)

- DilOS team