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posted Sep 9, 2018, 5:44 AM by site 2   [ updated Sep 9, 2018, 5:48 AM ]
We have 6 years with DilOS! :)

2.0.1 version has been released.

It is first Intel release has been done by one compiler - gcc-6.4.0

For upgrade to latest version you need to do:
apt update && apt install -y os-upgrade && os-upgrade -y

New version will be installed to new BE and you can reboot to new version.

Or you can download ISO/USB/PXE:

We use Debian technology.
We try to port Debian userland apps with original Debian configurations in files.
Unfortunataly, it is not possible for all components right now.
As result it will take more work on services (SMF).
Also needs to work on pre-/post- scripts for using under our ZFS boot environment specific and zones.

As Debian technology and ports of apps from Debian userland, we can use some packages for 'all' platforms as is.
Such as: for Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, NodeJS, etc.
They are packages in non-binary mode

This release has been moved to use GRUB1, becausse new loader from illumos tree has several issues with loads if some usb sticks presents/inserted to servers and it was failed with loads as bhyve VM.
It is possible to use loader, but need a prepare boot iso/usb images and fix installer to use loader.
it can be requested by email or on IRC: #dilos

About SPARC.
need a time try to prepare bootable ISO with all latest fixes and fix installer.
it wlil be available with all updates a little later.

We have ported many components from Debian userland as build dependencies, but have to work on services and configurations.
DilOS is Open Source platform and you are welcome with bug reports, feddbacks, updates and investments :)

If you need packages, what are not in DilOS yet, you have 2 options:
1. try to port your own packages and upstream to DilOS repo
2. request some list of packages with sponsorship.

we are open for proposals with setup, configurations and supports for different usercases.

best regards,
-DilOS team